There is the music you love, and there are musicians who'll definitively change your relation to it. Until now only 5 composers/producers have had a direct and profound influence in my approach of doing music.

The first who comes to my mind is Laurent Hô a.k.a. Ingler. He was a French industrial/hardcore techno producer from the 90's who brought finesse and depth to a music that was only about noise and speed. If each of his productions had an impact on me, the 2 EP 357 Kcal and IOPS Block and his album Syntetic were really the ones which helped me find out that music should be meaningful.

Then came Richard D. James. Obvious isn't it ? With ...I care because you do and the Richard D. James album, he deeply changed the face of electronic music, admittedly because of his wild creativity, but above all, thanks to the absolute freedom he has by not being stuck by the standards of genres, composition, structures, etc. This is what really makes his music so expressive and particular.

These two are the only ones from the electronic music scene who had a impact on me. Of course, there are many others that I like and there are some albums that are very important to me like Dead Cities from Future Sound of London, but this is not at the same level.

The last three others are classical composers and I'll begin with Philip Glass. He is not one of the greatest composers, there are lot of his works I don't like at all, Einstein on the beach for example. However Philip Glass has this ability to produce a music very simple and minimalist but nonrtheless rich in emotions.

The last two, and there is no surprise about them are J.S. Bach and W.A. Mozart. Bach was and is the Music. He had an understanding of the music composition that no other had. When you study and decipher his works, you have this feeling that he had a musical omniscience. It's like standing to the edge of infinity, he was a god amongst men.

Mozart was a man blessed by the gods, a kind of semi-god whose is true genius resided in his ability to write a music of pure emotion, where every note counts, in a way so natural, it's like if it was his native language.